Endless 08

The year is 2008. We are watching new anime from 2008. Join us as we discuss 2008, the year it is, and the anime that is from this year.

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6 days ago

The number of shows being used in our Frankenstein division dramatically increases this round, with a U2 and a Rob Thomas AMV bringing 25+ anime sources each to the battle.
Watch the contestants here:
Just For A Day - Funky-kun
These Small Hours - includeownage
Our theme song is Endless 808 by I.K.

Bamboo Blade, Part 1

Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

Sports anime Bamboo Blade is an AIC ASTA production about a high school girls kendo team and the deadbeat teacher who supervises them and occasionally gambles on their success. BJ and Duffo watch the first 13 episodes and discuss what goes into scoring an ippon, using kendo as an outlet for your secret violent side, and cheating in sports by giving one of your players a fake Power Rangers-sona.
Apologies for the audio, which is a little rougher than usual!
Our theme song is Endless 808 by I.K.

Tuesday May 28, 2024

We enter the Frankenstein division for the first time, meeting our first two multi-show monstrosities: a Death Note AMV that cannibalises five other shows, and a King of Fighters, Guilty Gear and Need For Speed dream game combo.
Watch the contestants here:
The Conspiracy of Law - Artofeel
Midnight Carnival - De29v101L
Our theme song is Endless 808 by I.K.


Tuesday May 21, 2024

Tuesday May 21, 2024

ChäoS;HEAd, better known today as the Science Adventure installment that came before Steins;Gate, is a psychological thriller anime from Madhouse that follows a mentally unwell otaku who stumbles into a violent conspiracy with serial killers, brain manipulating radio waves, and people whose delusions allow them to overwrite reality. BJ and Duffo discuss the history of denpa fiction, whether the show acts as effective bait and switch from the typical harem show, and go through the supposed science of Gigalomaniacs realbooting DI-swords.
Content warnings for discussions of suicide, mental illness and torture.
Our theme song is Endless 808 by I.K.

Tuesday May 14, 2024

The Class Clown bracket psychically hurts our hosts this week as another Ouran High School Host Club AMV comes up against a Koizumi x Kyon shipping AMV for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Watch the contestants here:
Ouran High School Never Ends - Melichan923
The Harassment of Kyon - MysteriousRyder
Our theme song is Endless 808 by I.K.

Tuesday May 07, 2024

In the back half of Top Secret: The Revelation, the revelations keep coming and the secrets keep getting more scandalous. BJ and Duffo discuss directing a movie with your post-mortem brain, calling in romantic bomb threats to the local theme park, and a disturbing hostage situation that requires the team to delve into the world of dreams.
Our theme song is Endless 808 by I.K.

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

The Class Clown bracket brings us some decidedly un-clowny picks, pairing up the chaotic metal-jazz sounds of Dog Fashion Disco with a boy band themed Ouran High School Host Club AMV.
Watch the contestants here:
Macabre Serenade - Ileia
Ouran POP - JadeCharm
Our theme song is Endless 808 by I.K.

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Madhouse's speculative crime drama Top Secret: The Revelation takes us to a future where police have the technology to look into the brains of the deceased and see the world through their eyes. BJ and Duffo discuss how it compares to American police procedurals, the bold move of murdering the president in the second episode, and the ethics of picking through the dark secrets of murder victims.
Our theme song is Endless 808 by I.K.

Spice and Wolf

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Imagin's pastoral merchant fantasy Spice and Wolf is a rare era-defining work from 2008 (the year that it is), following the journeys of a trader and a charming wolf goddess. BJ and Duffo discuss old fashioned Japanese dialects, FX trading with Trenni silver coins, and have a disagreement about the amount of implied wolf sex.Our theme song is Endless 808 by I.K.

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

Endless 08 continues with J.C. Staff's A Certain Magical Index, watching from episode 15 onwards. BJ and Duffo discuss the power of feng shui to dethrone angels, curriculum failures in Academy City, and imaginary students from the esper dimension.
Our theme song is Endless 808 by I.K.

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